Has anybody seeen my damn Wah Wah Gun?


To interweb station 8. Here are some things.

For now, the host won't let me do frames, which kind of put a snag in the creation of this homepage.

BUT, once I learn frames, it's over for you bitches.

Sooo... I've figured out how to do frames, but I suck at completing stuff so this might take a while.

Okay so I did some stuff and nothing is complete, but I swear this page will grow organically (like your mom) into something beautiful (like my mom).

Poems | Insults

I promise that I will NEVER turn this page into a blinking mess that will trigger epileptics (but a part of me really, really, really wants to).

Please, please, please, fellow human and reader of this page: remember your heart in all situations, and be kind! It is our greatest gift. Love to you.

I always wanted to make a cool homepage when I was young. I thought I would become an adult and not care about such things anymore. But here I am: an adult (just advanced play pretend, btw) with a homepage. Yay!

(Gosh, I freaking hate HTML. It never does what I want.)